Below show an example of the colours we have created.

However, our GFRC concrete is highly versatile- the colours and styles we can create are limited only by your imagination... 

Soild colours

Titanium White

Storm cloud

Polished concrete benchtop perth grey

Industrial Grey

Elephant Grey


Polished concrete benchtop espresso







Liquorice Black

Red brick

Polished concrete benchtop perth terracotta


Mediterranean blue


Terrazzo / stone and additions

Polished concrete benchtop perth coasta road

Coastal Road

Light Grey with black aggregate and pebble stone mix

Polished concrete benchtop perth galaxy


Grey with black and white aggregate


Charcoal with mirror and stone


Elephant Grey with mirror flecks

Polished concrete benchtop perth snowflake


Chalk white with Mirror Fleck

Snow Storm

Chalk with high compact mirror Fleck

Iced slate

White with black aggregate (small) 

Ground Pepper

White with black aggregate (mixed) 

Vanilla Bean

White with cut glass pieces


White with mixed glass (large)

Polished concrete benchtop perth glow stone

Glow Stone

Glow in the dark stones with your choice of concrete colour. Stones appear white in light. Also avalible in light blue and green. 

Please note: 

-  For enqurries and sample requests please email

- Due to costs and supply coloured concrete samples are not readily held in stock. Please ask us about availability.

- Exposed aggregate finish is an additional cost per square metre as it requires a full grind
- All content in this colour sample page is to be used as a guide only. Colours will vary from sample to sample, this is the nature of concrete and what we love about it- every creation is unique!

- Please contact us for clarification on specific design requirements

- A costs of $20 per sample will apply for matching specific colours or custom colour sample requests