Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Do you do total renovations?

We sure do. Our team have the skills and expertise to create your brand new kitchen, bathroom, laundry or outdoor kitchen, from the cabinetry to the last fittings. 


Do you just do benchtops? 

No way! The beautiful thing about GFRC is its versatility. We have created custom furniture pieces, wall panels, tiles, sinks and more. 

Is GFRC good for outside use? Like for an outdoor kitchen? 

Absolutely! Concrete is perhaps one of the most common materials used for exterior construction. Its durable, versatile and tough. Nevertheless, polished and coloured concrete require special consideration when placing outdoors. Pieces which share shaded and direct sunlight may fade or wear differently over time.  However, we use only the highest quality mixes and sealers which help minimize fading and wear. Please see our care guide and warranty pages for more information. 


Why not just do it myself?

Even traditional concrete can be difficult to work with. However, GFRC is complex with many variables to control- it’s a science with very specific formulas (down to the gram!) and specialised techniques that take quality training and craftsmanship to ensure proficiency and quality results.  Sadly, many customers contact us to create benchtops after (expensive) failed DIY attempts. 

Whats your square meter charge?

GFRC is a high quality, handcrafted material, commonly ranging within the same budget range as granite.

Typically, aggregate/terrazzo is more expensive than plain concrete as it requires extra time polishing.

Because no two jobs are alike, we cannot give a simple square meter rate. However, if you have measurements or a drawing we can create a rough estimation for you. Otherwise, please contact us to arrange a free measure and quote