Terms and Conditions

We cannot proceed with your order until we received: 

  1. signed, returned copy of this document and 2) acceptance of the quote.


  • Full payment is due on immediate completion of the job, irrespective of value. Interest and administration fees may apply for late payment ($50 per week overdue from invoice date). Debt collectors will be issued for payments later than 28 days after the invoice date. By signing you give consent that GFRC Designs may re-enter the premises on the sole purpose to reclaim/collect orders/products which have not been paid 28 days after the invoice date.

  • All jobs require a 50% deposit upon acceptance of this quote, this is non refundable.

  • A letter of credit may be sought to cover materials for large scale work orders.

  • If you change your mind or no longer wish for the job to take place, you will still be required to pay the agreed sum of this quote, in full or partial cost, depending on materials ordered and labour hours used.

  • Job and quoted price is suspect to inspection

  • Project works may be subject to weather conditions which may result in delayed installation

  • The price listed on this quote is subject to change (e.g. site access difficulty, inadequate carcass support, un-level

cabinetry affecting installation or result however, this will always be discussed with you prior to any additional

charges being made. 

  • Whilst we do our best in meeting the agreed installation date, please understand this may change due to unforeseen

circumstances or issues. 

  • Concrete is always unique. Colours and designs will never match samples completely. Similarly, features such as air-bubbles, non-structural hairline cracks, blemishes, colour discrepancies, dimpled edging and other unnamed “character markings” may result- these are not structural but rather an aesthetic features of the material. GFRC Designs do not credit or refund based on design features, change of mind, non-structural character markings, colour or other aesthetic features. Please be aware that GFRC bench tops are not clinically neat and will always be more organic in its look and form- this is the feature of the handcrafted product.

  • Issues such as structural cracks and large chips must be brought to GFRCs attention within 1 day of installation. We cannot guarantee the correct use of our product (for example we have seen other trades chipping edges through rough tool placement, standing/jumping on the bench tops to instal lights, tilers leaving glue-riddled rags upon the top etc). Therefore it is ideal you are present at installation to examine the product.  GFRC Designs will take final photos to compare to any damage called upon. 

  • GFRC Designs take no responsibility for damage to products caused by transport if moved by outside contractor or personal, or if it is the fault of the owner/builder (for example, unsafe worksite, on-site trip hazards etc)

  • GFRC Designs take no responsibility for products which may fall, dismount, or dislodge as we cannot guarantee the correct use of our products.

  • It is the owners/builders responsibility to seek engineering consultation (for example steps, shelving, walls, built-in structures). We can assist in weight estimations for engineering and architectural consultation, but do not take any responsibility for issues including but not limited to: shelves falling, free standing / self supporting concrete collapsing, or cabinetry not withstanding weight etc. 

  • GFRC Designs warranty is void if installation is undertaken by outside contractor or personal, or if any modifications are made to the product. 

  • By signing this document you grant permission for GFRC Designs to use photos of the construction and final work for our portfolio/website/social media pages.

  • It is the owner’s/builders responsibility to:

- Provide and lay drop sheets to protect furniture, flooring, or areas from dust

- Provide a safe work area, including but not limited to, removing/moving furniture, trip hazards, clear walkways and exits, lock away pets

- Provide GFRC Designs access to power, water and other such necessities during installation

- Seek council/building approval when applicable

- Provide signage and barriers during and after application to ensure safe access and protection of complete work (from intrusions such as rain, people, pets)

- Provide uninterrupted access to the work area (including other trades, general public, locked gates, pets). Delays may be chargeable of up to $500 a day.

- Communicate with cabinet makers regarding weight of countertops and possible structural requirements - Protect the surface after completion, agreeing to follow GFRC Designs “After Care” guidelines

- Read GFRC Designs warranty agreement, listed on the website.

To sign, you must be a) the legal owner of the property or b) the registered builder responsible.


By signing, you are accepting the estimated cost listed in the quote, and the terms and conditions listed above as well as GFRC Designs warranty agreement.