Not just concrete...

We only use GFRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete)... 
Most of us are familiar with fibreglass for boat hulls and other complex three-dimensional shapes and moldings. However, fibreglass's use doesn’t stop there.  


GFRC is a product which utilizes similar fibers with specialized concrete blends. GFRC results in a product with much higher flexural and tensile strengths than normal concrete. 



Why choose concrete?

Our GFRC polished concrete is...


Seriously strong
Can hold a flexural strength as high as 4000psi and has a high strength-to-weight ratio.
Less prone to hairline cracks

Can be cast thinner and lighter
Due to its increased strength, it can cast in thinner sections meaning it can be made 75% lighter than similar pieces made with traditional concrete methods


Complex shapes are easy
GFRC does not require traditional steel reinforcement methods. Therefore, GFRC can be formed to virtually any shape including inbuilt sinks, curves, waterfall drops and more. We mould the concrete, we dont cut it!


More sustainable
GFRC uses less cement than traditional concrete less quantities due to the ability of thinner forms and therefore qualifies as sustainable. 


Less prone to hairline cracks and chips than traditional concrete
We use the best quality sealers to ensure our products are very stain resistant.

It's minimal in maintenance, and is sealed to last.

Versatile and beautiful
Customisable and boundless.
Endless styles and colours. We can colour match, and are not bound to our colour samples only.
No 'bugholes' (air bubbles)


and unlike competitive products

Our price is fully inclusive, NO additional stonemason/trade fees

Concrete can be ground back and resealed if required

WA made and owned