Not just concrete...

We only use GFRC(Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete)... 
Most of us are familiar with fibreglass for boat hulls and other complex three-dimensional shapes and moldings. However, fibreglass's use doesn’t stop there.  GFRC is a product which utilizes similar fibers with specialized concrete blends. GFRC results in a product with much higher flexural and tensile strengths than normal concrete. 




Why choose concrete over other products

Our GFRC polished concrete is...

  • Its seriously strong: it can hold a flexural strength as high as 4000psi and has a high strength-to-weight ratio

  • Its lighter:Due to its increased strength, it can cast in thinner sections meaning it can be made 75% lighter than similar pieces made with traditional concrete methods 

  • Complex shapes are easy: GFRC does not require traditional steel reinforcement methods. Therefore, GFRC can be formed to virtually any shape including inbuilt sinks, curves, waterfall drops and more. 

  • Its more sustainable:GFRC uses less cement than traditional concrete less quantities due to the ability of thinner forms and therefore qualifies as sustainable. 

  • Its tough:GFRC doesn’t crack or chip easily like traditional concrete, making it such a good choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Similarly, GFRC is made of minerals and will not burn (not inclusive of sealers). In addition, the nature of concrete acts like a thermal regulator when exposed to flame (however care guide and warranty for more information).  

  • Its just better: Its versatile, customizable and boundless. Its minimal in maintenance, and is sealed to last. Its easy to see why it is rapidly growing in popularity.