Why choose us?

Support local: we are a WA owned and operated family company.

Every piece we make is hand crafted- from the mould to applying the sealer. We become attached to every piece and know every detail and character it holds. We take pride in what we make, and strive for happy customers- our reputation means everything to us, and understand word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising.

We promise to create the highest quality products possible.

We also promise to communicate clearly and quickly, from the quote phase through to after-sales enquiries. 

Unlike many of our competitors, our main-man Shane, is a qualified carpenter for nearly 20 years.

His skills and experience in carpentry and building ensure the highest quality form work, and his renovating and building experience (both residential and commercial) has proven invariable to out customers time-and-again.

As such, we often provide full renovation assistance for bathroom, kitchen, laundry and outdoor kitchens including cabintery, trade consolidation and more. 

Our products are awesome because:

  • We only use GFRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete) which is...

  • Extremely chip resistant

  • Available in countless colours, textures and styles (we can even colour match your design samples)

  • No 'bugholes' (air bubbles).... unless that's a look you like!

  • Less prone to hairline cracks

  • Cutouts and voids of all sizes possible (for sinks, BBQs etc)

  • We use the best quality sealers to ensure our products are very stain resistant 

Contact us today to discuss any questions you have.

Send us some plans, a rough sketch, or arrange a time for us to come and take a look.

We offer free quotes to Perth metro area*.